Massage & Holistic Therapies

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55 mins

Helping restore balance to the whole body through the feet. 


Hopi ear candle treatment

40 mins

A natural, safe & relaxing therapy to help alleviate tinnitus, glue ear, compacted ear wax, sinusitis, headaches & rhinitis 



Chest, Face & Scalp

with pre blended aromatherapy oils

(25 mins)


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

25 mins


Extended back, neck & shoulder

40 mins


Body-legs, Arms & Back

55 mins


Luxury Face & Body Massage

75 mins


Hot Lava Shell Back Massage

40 mins


Mother To Be Massage

*add Dermalogica Aromatherapy oils for an extra £2

*please ask for midwives approval before booking 


Body massage

60 mins


Body with chest, face and scalp massage

75 mins


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The Potters Heron
Hook Road
Ampfield, Romsey
S051 9ZF

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Monday  10am - 2pm

Tuesday  2pm - 6pm

Wednesday  10am - 8pm

Thursday  12pm - 8.30pm

Friday  9.30am - 6pm

Saturday  9.30am - 4pm

Sunday  Closed

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